Who uses myCARiD?

So recently I been thinking about who use myCARiD. This is a perfectly valid question for anyone who wants to understand what social media platform would be best to reach your goals whether they are for personal or a firms goals. One of the first thing points of the question is the issue of gender. While the site does not publish gender, we can look at their Facebook page and it’s over 2 million users. When we took a deeper look at who these people are we can see that there is over 50% of male users. So I feel that we can make a safe assumption that this same trend is about the same for the myCARiD platform for this demographics. Now that we have an understanding of the gender of the user we should look at the age groups to have a better understanding of who could possibly be marketing to. We are also going to have use the Facebook page to get an understanding about the demographics as myCARiD. So using some free tools that are available only we can see that nearly 35% of the Facebook like are between 18-30. This doesn’t surprise me to be honest having been in the car community for quite sometime now. From the premise of the platform we can also infer that they are going to be car people. So this phsycographic is pretty easy to understand. So what does this all mean as marketing people? We can use this data for to market firms products that make car parts as well as other car like products, like washing equipment. So what if you are not doing social media for a firm. While suppose you are building a cool ride, what can you do with this app? You target your build to specific people how will be interested in your ride. One great feature is the journal feature. With this you can drive people to your other pages. One idea is that you can drive people to your YouTube page  which could help you generate ad revenue, which we all now that you will need to run your race car because its going to break.

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