What about the UI?

What about the UI of myCARiD? Well first what is UI? UI stands for user interface and according to webopedia UI can be defined as “the junction between a user and a computer program”. From my personal experience I would argue that the UI for myCARiD is very easy to use. It seems to make a lot sense that it is set up this way for visual based social media platform. I think this format works for well with audience being young males allowing them to browse through photos peoples rides.  If you want to learn more about the audince you click to my former post here. It also allows them to read some more in depth about what other people are doing in the community through the journals feature that can be found on the home page as well through the header will the journal button can also be found.

Below I have include a simplified version of a site map for myCARiD. I had to not going in to such great depth as it is constantly changing due to nature of being social media that changes rapidly through out the day.

site map

So when we look at this site map diagram we can get an idea about the layout and how the platform operates. So when you first come on the site you are greeted with home page and from you can navigate around. On the home page you can browse some of the feature rides. from there you presented with the options to browse popular ride, popular photos, recent post, and recent activity. This allow you browse through recent post on the platform. In the top right side of the page you can select a few different options that include rides. In the rides sections you use the make option to select different car companies through Acura to Volvo. In the parts section you look through different categories based on the type of part whether that is headlights or turbochargers. Another option that fits will in the demographic of 18-30 males is the model sections and we aren’t talking about car models. Also you can sort the photos by date and ratings. The last choice from the tool bar you can go into the featured section.

Until next time.

Be on the look at out for a special guest post coming soon.


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