myCARiD Outside Perspective: First Look

Before Easton told me about myCARiD, I was not aware that the site existed, nor would I have ever even thought to look at it. So why am I guestblogging? Well, Easton had never heard of Bumble and agreed to give his input on a platform he was unaware of, so I thought it would be fun to do the same for him!

Who Am I?

Before I visit myCARiD and give my perspective of my first impressions of the site, let me begin by explaining who I am so that my perspective makes a bit more sense. Also, off-topic, but myCARiD is difficult to type; it may be easy to say three times fast, but try typing it once!

Here is some basic, relevant information about me:

  • I’m a girl- probably not the main target for myCARiD
  • I’m 22, which could be relevant depending on the target market for this site
  • I own a car (2013 Honda Accord Ex-L), but I know absolutely nothing about cars beyond how to drive them and maybe change a headlight with the help of a YouTube video
  • I have little interest in cars- once again, probably not the main target for this site
  • do have some fun looking at flashy cars, so this site could be fun to explore for a little while

Okay, the point of that was to give you a broad idea of who I am in relation to what I believe myCARiD is about before I check the site out. My perspective of the site should be completely different from what a car expert’s perspective would be. With that, I’m going to the site!

First Impressions:

I’m on the homepage, which consists of two things: sexy cars and sexy women. No surprises there! It’s a clean site with cool features and easy access. There’s enough white space so all the images aren’t overwhelming, and there’s a good balance between cars and women.

I clicked “browse top rides” and found a beautiful, blue chevy corvette stingray. The site gives stats about the vehicle and allows other users to provide their feedback. It looks like these are vehicles that people own. I guess users upload pictures and stats of their cars as a way of interacting with others site users. I wonder if there’s a section to see images and stats of the girls from the homepage – kidding, haha!

There’s another section where you can go beyond all the rides and look at specific car parts people added to their cars. It makes me realize I need to learn how to change a tire because I’m a serious amateur compared to these users!

THERE IS A SPOT TO LOOK AT THE WOMEN! I was joking before, but there’s a tab just to see the models! It goes through each car model and gives a background of who they are and their interests, but it mainly just shows a full page of images of the models. I’m thrilled by this tab because it just fits in with the site so well. This is a car dude’s paradise.

There is also a page for featured vehicles and another for journal entries so users can share what’s new in their garages. Most of the cars on this site are amazing, and I am excited to look at them even without an interest in cars. There’s the occasional random, plain pick-up truck on the site that is out of place and amusing, but other than that, there are ridiculous cars that drive Sasha (my Honda) off the road!

Final Thoughts:

Going in, I thought I was going to spend a moment on the site and be bored immediately, but it was actually a fun site to explore! For those in coffee shops like I am, you might want to turn your computer screen away from onlookers when you click the “models” tab – just a tip! Although I am not a car fanatic, I would recommend this site for those that are and for those that can appreciate beautiful designs.

Thanks for letting me guest blog, Easton!

Take a ride over to my blog if you want to gain insight on Bumble and the world of online dating



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