Will Instagram challenge myCARiD?

Hello fellow car lovers and social media seekers,

So in my last post we discussed about the threat of 1320 videos of their site as well as their social media pages (if not check it out here ). What about other threats to myCARiD domance in the modified automotive niche community? Let us take about Instagram as they are the next obvious threat as they are another visual based social media platform. This obviously the strategy same that myCARiD platform has taken with their social media platform. Both are wonderful platforms that important to promote and advertise a heavy visual products such as car modification parts and accessories. One notable strength that I believe Instagram currently holds over myCARiD is the amount of users that the Instagram platform has currently when compared to myCARiD. Instagram currently has around 600 million active user based of data provide by statista for December 2016. Instagram also has a lot of different pages covering a wide amount different topic and subjects. I would almost chalk this up to a weakness of Instagram. I would say this because the whole concept of myCARiD is that is very niche or long tail if you would. So it cuts down the distraction and content that is not relevant to people that are looking for in a moded car centric online community. On the flip side though because of the wide spread use of the social media platform Instagram, brands can have a greater influence on potential customers or future customers than they may have on myCARiD. Whether if you want to promote a personal brand or firm’s brand I would urge to make an effort to capture the audience that is available to you on myCARiD. So if you are running a social media page for a brand you need to expand beyond the more resources that are available to you on myCARiD. Not only will this help your brand gain influence you will be able to gain the sort of followers that you are trying to target in the modified car scene but you will like be able to see increase whatever object you are using social media to obtain.

As always people thank you for you interest and be on the look out for more content coming your way.


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