What about 1320 Videos?

Hello fellow car enthusiast,


Many of you may have or my not have read my recent post babout myCariD recently, so if you haven’t id suggest that you click in the link and give it a read before moving forward with this article. So today I thought we should discuss who is competition of the myCariD platform. In my professional opinion, I feel their biggest threat comes from 1320 Videos. For those of you who don’t know 1320 Video, they host a website as well forums and having large social media presences across almost all channels of social media. The downfall that I see with 1320 Videos is that it lacks a medium for business to show case their products. Since most post are just videos and not pictures or blog like post, I think it lacks the medium need to promote products or services provided by firms. So in my opinion I think myCariD can excel with allowing businesses and firms to be able to have platform that can advertise their products and services that are offered by the firm. I think many will find myCariD is a better platform to use to promote themselves over 1320 video. The main way that this done is that they can post blogs and pictures that will allow people to draw inspirations for the builds that are sitting in their garage at the moment. Where they differ is in that 1320 has a large focus on racing, street racing to be more exact. So if you were interested in the latest videos of a twin turbo lambo eating up the street south of the border, you would most likely end up at 1320 Videos. Where I believe that myCARiD has a distinct advantage is that you can have an in-depth look at those cars. So if you’re looking to find what size turbos somebody has in their C7 Vette or if someone is running E85 over 100 Octane fuel I would advice you to check out myCARiD for all you automotive inspiration and car porn needs.


As always we’ll see you next time. Be on the lookout for more in depth insight about myCARiD.


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