Hello fellow car lovers,

Recently I have been looking for an online community to join with a focus on cars, more importantly modified cars. I think I have found the mecca for this niche group with . I can just lose all track of time while scrolling through my feed on myCARiD. It doesn’t matter if you’re a German car fan or maybe a JDM fanboy, you’ll even find great post about overland vehicles and some skatin’ diesel trucks if that’s your thing.  My personal favorite thing that I have littered all over my feed is off-road desert vehicles. There is going to be something for you to droll over no matter what your taste is, and inspire that project you have sitting in the garage. So no matter what sort of automotive enthusiast head on over to here to look at some beautiful rides. 

myCARiD also provides an interesting possibilities for business. I think firms can use this platform to build some hype about current products, or even be able to do a little market research about products that they may have coming down the pipeline. I would like to draw attention the new Mercedes- Maybach G650 Landaulet. This new SUV has been blowing up the feed of myCARiD. Why I think this is interesting is just how exclusive this SUV is going to be. Mercedes is saying that they will only be producing at most 99 examples of this opulent example of a luxury vehicle (with a price tag of over $550,000 USD). This is one of the most exclusive SUV ever produce that only the richest and perhaps only African warlords can purchases. I think this will prove how much excitement a firm generate by simple from posting on myCARiD which is free to do by the way. While not ever firm is producing half million status symbols, I think smaller firms can still generate buzz about their products. Companies that are producing wheels and other visual components can really excel being post and promoting the new products on myCARiD.

Remember if you aren’t first you are last- Ricky Bobby


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